Holland blew me away

Just a couple of days ago, The Netherlands faced a burst of high speed winds coming all the way from UK.
An abnormal event of a few centimeters of snow a month ago was hot news.  It doesn’t snow much at Delft, but with the snow everywhere, the word in every student’s mouth was – Global Warming? It made life a little tough, and I had thought I had seen the worst, apart from the unexpected rains. But boy was I wrong!

Around a day before the onset, the Royal Meterological Institute of The Netherlands had issued a Code Yellow warning for wind gusts. Come hours before the inception of the wind with land, the warning was updated to code red, implying everyone to seek shelter and stay inside. I always had an itch to experience bad weather, since the tropical climates are pretty much the same throughout the year – bar the cyclones.

I was up early that morning, and could hear the wind blowing through my room, getting louder and louder. Tall trees and traffic posts were visibly swaying – quite surreal with a beautiful sunrise behind. With exams soon approaching, I began to gear up for my regular move to the TU Delft campus to study in the designated study areas for the exam. A very bad choice.

After bracing myself up with multiple layers of clothing, I decided to bike thr 5 kms from my home(what was I thinking?!). By the time I could reach 20 ft away from my apartment, I was moving the other way. A hasty decision was made worse as my spectacles flew away to oblivion right from my face!

Talking with other friends at the university indicated the real severity of the storm. One clip from the EWI building even went viral on reddit! There has to be a lot to said about the resilliance of the students wanting to study despite the weather outside. Both of these clips were posted by \u\Siarl_ . Unfortunately, the GIF’s below do not work on Internet Explorer, so you can access the given link below to view:

Link to 1 and Link to 2.


Lesson learnt: Trust the weather predictions and listen to what the government asks you to do. Or else, lose your pair of glasses and get blinded!



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