It’s a whole new world – But are you ready?

So after a whirlwind of a quarter where I managed to accumulate 7 exams to write, I needed a much needed break. Mostly from cooking for myself and savoring that “Oh So Lovely” mom’s homemade food, I found myself heading back to India for a week, to help my parents set up my sisters wedding. It was hectic alright, but the feeling of homesickness lasts for a short duration. Here is what I did to get rid of it ASAP, and get back into my game at TU Delft!

Home country, India.

Firstly, Do not stay indoors! I cannot say this enough, as more often than not, this is why students tend to feel more homesick than they should. When one stays indoors, you are reminded of all the comforts your home back in your country provides you and all the chores you did not have to do. Apart from that, it also reminds you of conversations with loved ones, making you nostalgic. Getting some of that Vitamin D from the sun will not only help you adjust faster, but also make you realize the beauty of the land you’re currently living in.

Get out of the rut.

Second, Reduce your time on Social Media temporarily. More often than not, life is not as rosy for everyone as their Instagram profile shows. While those memes can wait, it is safer to just reduce your facebook consumption than to put yourself through self-made stories of how amazing life is for your friends back in your country. Hint-Its not!

Third and most importantly, Keep yourself busy. Keeping yourself busy might be the simplest way to quickly gel back into the society. With a load of tasks and aspirations we have with the new quarter, its only obvious to plan it out, make a proper chart and spend your time deciding how to make most of your time. You’d realize that as a process, you have become what you had been before going back home – a busy bee, and are back to normal again!

While these three are just general solutions, there are some particular cases which are not simply pushed away. If you are not able to let go of your home blues, or finding it really difficult to adjust back, you should definitely pay a visit to the student advisior or the TU Delft Psychologists at the Career and Councelling Services. They provide a more structured approach and are better trained to cater to your needs.

Wish you good luck for the upcoming quarter!

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