Where Sparks,Arcs and Lightning are Commonplace

If you are wondering about the title of this blogpiece, I wouldn’t be surprised. Why would anyone intentionally want to simulate a lightning, especially when we are supposed to protect ourselves from one? This is one of the many questions answered in our trip last Thursday(22/2/2018) to Arnehm.

Organized as an industrial trip, we visited two industries located in the same energy park- DNV-GL and TenneT. DNV-GL has a High Power Laboratory there, which was previously under a company called KEMA. Around a 15 minute walk from their office was TenneT’s headquarters, where we attended an information session on their ambitious new project. Unfortunately,I can’t provide images from inside the actual tour because of security reasons.

Walk between the companies. Courtesy-Neils de Winter


At Arnhem. Courtesy- Neils De Winter

After leaving from the TU Delft campus around 8:30 AM, the distance to Arnhem took around 1.5 hours. Being inland, it was much colder. But the excitement in everyone’s faces was visible, as we were about to visit one of the best high power laboratories in the world. They perform the critical task of checking all high voltage equipment, including transformers and circuit breakers, to ensure your safety even in case of severe situations. This a very critical matter as even a small piece of accumulated dust can throw away the entire system to waste. Apart from perform various tests on the equipments using their world-class technology, they also issue certifications-a credential which indicates the quality of product.

After having lunch at the KEMA Laboratories, we proceded to TenneT’s headquarters on a pleasant walk through the woods. We were enganged in a very interesting discussion on the future of energy production and distribution, and their ambitious plans in the future, including the “North Sea Wind Power Hub”, which envisions an artificial island in the middle of the North Sea to harness wind energy in the sea. Apart from informative sessions, we were given an opportunity to ask questions directly to major leaders at TenneT, which gave us an idea of how the company as well as the Dutch industry works.

While this was one of the many industrial trips we take during our Masters, I was compelled to talk about this one owing to the amout of knowledge gained in just one day. It is not an opportunity just every student is handed out to, and personally, this is my token of gratitude! Just another day as a student at TU Delft, yea?

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