The end and the beginning: Quarter 3 to Quarter 4

Yes, the third quarter just ended, and it couldn’t have been timed better: right at the sweet spot of warm spring weather! After slogging for 2 weeks in an attempt to achieve good grades, the new quarter awaits with fresh new hope and a plethora of classes to attend and clear. With just a weekend between the end of the previous quarter and the start of the new one, the transition had to be quick, like life as a student at TU Delft. In my specialization of Intelligent Grids within Electrical Power Systems, the number of relevant courses are significantly higher in Q4. I personally believe it is necessary to plan new beginnings, however crude it may be. So here’s how I plan to tackle the onslaught of courses and assignments!

1. Plan to make proper utilization of time in between lectures:

Down to the pen.

Often, we have a couple of hours to spare in between two lectures. Rather than productive use of the given 2 hours, I used to spend it dilly-dallying around, either socializing or checking my social media profiles aimlessly. But with assignments to complete on a regular basis, the two hours give a perfect slot for me to cplete one module of an impending assignment, and reduce my workload at the end of the day!

2. Meal-Prepping:

Keeping ’em cut and set!

Meal prepping is a godsend for students living on their own! Once you figure out what you’re going to eat for the next 3 days, you choose one weekend to cook food for the next 3 days in advance, or cook a large batch of your favourite curry. This is especially relevant for Asian and Indian cusines as they have an extensive prepping situation leading to more cooking time. Meal prepping also helps you ease your weekly grocery shopping-you exactly know what you want! The only downside being, it is not very healthy, so if time is available, I’d still prefer cooking for each day.

3. Meditation:

Inner peace, just like Po from Kung Fu Panda!

I can personally vouch for this, meditation has far reaching benifits. While one may consider meditation to be wasting 10 minutes a day, those 10 mins help yuo focus for the next 6 hours if done regularly. I have been trying to get into the habit, like I had before, and it feels great!

4. Gym and Music classes:

This quarter I have also chosen to enroll in TU Delft’s Sports and Culture’s offerings- the gym and the Ukelele classes. While I always had interest in learning Ukelele, this was an opportune moment to let out some of the stress and pressure studying for continuous periods can make one feel. Who does not like a few chords and a quick jam? My decision to join the gym was for a similar reason: while studies are important, your health is foremost, both mentally and physically. Keeping oneself physically active improves blood flow, reduces physical stress and allows for a good night’s sleep, something one should never compromise on.

The key thing behind such rules and planning is a degree of lax. Our schedules often are volatile, and so should our planning, to an extent. Its okay, if I miss my gym day once, or I do not get a good night’s sleep for a day. These are long term goals, and I believe in them. This is how I plan to conquer, how do you?

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