Football fans, rejoice!


As I believe most of you would know, Netherlands are among the elite footballing nations of the world (Not at present, but you get the gist). When I finally decided to come to TU Delft for my Masters, the opportunity to watch quality football live at the stadium excited me! With low tickets and a happy place to go to during the weekends, it is easy to see why.

While Delft, on its own, doesn’t have a team which is among the best in the nation, it is close to a  lot of them.  Look down below to see how and where can you go to watch some amazing football, near and around Delft!

1. Feyenoord, Rotterdam(20 km, 15 min by train)

The neighboring city of Rotterdam hosts the champions of Eredivisie (the Premier Dutch League)- Feyenoord. They are among the giants of Dutch football and have seen varied success in their famous stadium – Stadion feyenoord(a.k.a – De Kuip). Having won 15 Eredivisie titles, they are a joy to watch.

The stadium.

With a new stadium on the way and the capacity increases, the weekends are well spent on a game here!

How to reach: You can either bike your way to Rotterdam, which would take you around 1 and a quarter hours. Or, a 15 min ride from Delft + another 10 mins of intra-city travel on train.

2. AFC Ajax, Amsterdam(60+ km, 1 hour by train)

Ajax is one of the greatest teams to have ever graced the world of football.  While Amsterdam in itself is not a bad city to roam around and have fun, the stadium named after one of the greatest players of all time, Johan Cryuff Arena,  is a must go for more reasons than one.

Currently sitting at the second on the table, it has had its fair share of success in yesteryears, winning the European League 4 times and Eredivisie 33 times. If not for the game, you could as well attend a stadium tour and fill your heart’s worth!

Imagine being a part of this?!

But no-football fans also have something to rejoice over here. Very often, international artists and musicians hold concerts very close, at the Ziggo Dome. With Amsterdam being a major city for almost all major artists, why think twice?

How to reach: You can get a direct train to Amsterdam from the Delft Station.

3. Borrusia Dortmund and Schalke 04, Dortmund, Germany(3.5 hours by train)

I do not believe this club needs any introduction. Among the biggest clubs in the world and a Bundesliga legendary club, they are among the major clubs.  While you’d have to travel a significant distance and literally cross the borders of Netherlands, it is right at the border of the two nations and the travel convenience in the European Union comes handy.

They are particularly known for their fan culture and special fan designs in the crowds(called TIFO’s). While it is not easy to find tickets for a game at either of the stadiums- Signal Iduna Park and Veltins-Arena, the stadiums are located right next to each other adding an extra sense of rivalry.

Apart from just the football, the beautiful city of Dusseldorf is also nearby, making it a worthwile weekend destinantion!

How to reach: You’d have to shift multiple trains, from Delft-Rotterdam-Utrecht-Duisberg-Dortmund to reach within 3.5 hours.  A simpler solution would be to catch a private bus operator, like Flixbus, from Rotterdam to Dortmund directly, allthough it would take more time.

Names that just missed the list: PSV Eindohven, AZ, ADO Den Haag.

I hope you find this interesting, as this is just one of the few things you can do here apart from studying your guts out!

Peace out and get buzzed!






Welcome and get buzzed!

Hello, fellow Earthlings! This is me, your very own weblogger –  Srivats Venkateswaran.

Hello, awkward smile!

While I was born in New Delhi, I have lived all around my glorious home country of India. After having completed my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in 2016, I felt a need to further improve on my present knowledge to help change the world using my skillsets.  Destiny and choice(oxymorons, yes) led me to TU Delft’s Electrical Power Engineering program, and there is no looking back! I currently am focussing on Smart Grids and battery storage, but that’s for future posts!

Being a nomad in my own backyard nation, I learned quite a few languages, understood various cultures and local traditions. While Netherlands is among the best countries for expats to move in, my past experience helped me feel at home right from day 1! The weather at Delft is pretty nice – no extremes (minus the infamous Dutch rains) and the canals make for the perfect chilling spot!

On a personal level, I like reading books, and there’s no genre I limit myself to. I often am on the lookout for a few classics, books on psychology and fiction. It’s quite unfortunate I forgot to bring my Kindle along, for I recently have gained interest in philosophy. Maybe it is because of my new love for Pink Floyd?

I follow football regularly and often keep a track of major European leagues – mainly Premier League and Bundesliga.  I’ll be frank – Football was a major reason for my shift to Netherlands! With cheap tickets, quality football and access to great clubs like Feyenoord just 15 kilometers away, I would say it’s a steal deal for any football fan!

With Belgium and Germany just hours away from Delft, don’t be surprised if you find me or my fellow bloggers often in other European countries. Travelling is easy here, and you would be surprised how convenient the European Union has made it for us!

I often pen my words in poems, although most of them don’t find their way into this massive web of internet. I am a podcast guy, and I have a soft spot for trivia which I might never find a use for in the future!

I find conversations very interesting and am always up for a cup of coffee!

Do not hesitate from commenting if you ever wish to ask anything!

Peace out and may the force be with you!