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“Ich bin eine Berliner”- The Siemens Trip!

What do John F Kennedy, a famous cement wall and sausages with sauce have in common? Berlin, of course! Every other year, the student organization Sterkstroomdispuut(SSD), which caters to Electrical Power Engineering students at TU Delft, organizes a student trip to Siemens factories and production facilities in Berlin, where the international firm was founded before …

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Where Sparks,Arcs and Lightning are Commonplace

If you are wondering about the title of this blogpiece, I wouldn’t be surprised. Why would anyone intentionally want to simulate a lightning, especially when we are supposed to protect ourselves from one? This is one of the many questions answered in our trip last Thursday(22/2/2018) to Arnehm. Organized as an industrial trip, we visited …

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